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Bucaramanga is that the capital and largest town of the department of Santander, Colombia. Bucaramanga has the fifth-largest economy by gross domestic product in South American country, has the very best gross domestic product per capita in South American country, has an all-time low per centum and has the ninth-largest population within the country, with 521,857 people. Bucaramanga has over one hundred sixty parks scattered throughout town and has been given the nickname “La Ciudad Diamond State Los Parques” (“The town of Parks”) and “La Ciudad Bonita Diamond State Colombia” (“Colombia’s lovely City”).

Bucaramanga has mature chop-chop since the Sixties, largely into neighboring locations among the metropolitan space. Floridablanca, Girón and Piedecuesta area unit inextricably connected geographically and commercially with Bucaramanga, and currently all kind along with the Bucaramanga Metropolitan space in South American country with one,141,671 inhabitants.

The city is the base of the Colombian oil Institute (ICP), the analysis branch of the state company Ecopetrol.

Girón was the primary and most vital city supported by Spanish colonizers within the region, and Bucaramanga (founded on Dec 22, 1622) failed to overtake Girón in population or economic significance till the first nineteenth century. the town attracted a core of German merchants and adventurers within the decade and decade (the most renowned of whom was Geo von Lengerke) and tensions between the newcomers and native merchants flaring in 1879, once the event named “La island Pico Diamond State Oro” (The snake of the gold beak) occurred. With the political reorganization of 1886, Bucaramanga replaced Socorro as division capital. The region (although not town itself) was ruined by the war of 1899–1902—commonly referred to as the Thousand Days War—causing Bucaramanga to grow solely with modesty within the half of the twentieth century.

Bucaramanga is found on an upland within the Cordillera Oriental of the Colombian range of mountains, and plenty of residents occupy unstable lands descendent steeply from the Meseta. west of it, the {rio|Rio Diamond State Janeiro|Rio|city|metropolis|urban center} de Oro ravine is found at Associate in Nursing altitude of 600 meters (2,000 ft) on top of water level. Eastbound, the mountain range varies rises in high peaks, reaching nearly three,700 meters (12,100 ft) AMSL within the place regionally referred to as “Paramo Diamond State Berlin”. the town is found at 7°08′N 73°08′W. Despite recent urbanization, all four neighboring municipalities contain intensive rural areas.

Under the Köppen climate classification, Bucaramanga options a tropical monsoon climate, although a perceptibly cool version of the climate. the town is slightly too dry for a tropical timber climate, as its driest month of January averages just below sixty metric linear units (2 in) of downfall. though its altitude isn’t thought of terribly high, Bucaramanga’s climate is neither hot nor cold, twenty-two degrees Celsius being the typical temperature. Compared to cities at identical average altitude (such as Cali), Bucaramanga has a lot of cooler daytime temperatures, attributable to the cold wind returning down the Japanese peaks; its night temperatures don’t seem to be cold, attributable to the nice and cozy air returning from the ravine. These phenomena create the daily thermal oscillation narrower than in alternative Colombian cities.

The municipal flag of Bucaramanga was designed by the scholarly person Gustavo Gomez Mejia. made from 2 inexperienced stripes with a yellow one within the middle. within the center, there is a blue disk, encircled with a red circle. within the middle of the blue disk, there is a white star. within the red circle the subsequent legend: “Below the azure of its sky and defended by the generous blood of its sons, Bucaramanga is opened to the four horizons of the motherland” is written.

According to the info obtained from the 2005 census and knowledge provided by the Metropolitan space of Bucaramanga, the town has an Associate in Nursing calculable population of 524,112 inhabitants.

Of the entire population, 46.8% area unit men and fifty-three .2% women. the typical range of occupants per menage is three.6 people. 16.6% of individuals of the population area unit aged ten years and over. Of all cohabiting couples within the town, 46.3% were single, 26.7% were married, 5.8% were separated and four.6% were single. 9.2% of the resident population aged over four years area unit from another municipality, and 0.3% from another country.

In the town, 52.4% of individuals board homes, while 40.4% board residences and seven.2% in an exceedingly chartered area or alternative.

An industrial activity developed in Bucaramanga that has gained national recognition is that the footwear business. For this reason, the Footwear Manufacturers’ Association, Asoinducals, is found within the town. The footwear sector contains a major market nationwide and internationally in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Italy, some Caribbean islands, u. s., Peru, Venezuela and the United Mexican States. there’s conjointly an enormous article of clothing business. There area unit a growing range of technical analysis centers in varied topics like energy, gas, oil, corrosion, asphalt, animal skin and agro-industrial development tools, among others.

The Chimitá Industrial Zone is found within the western space of the upland close to the city of Giron; several firms from totally different specialties like Terpel have production plants there. conjointly within the town is one in every of the most productive plants of province distillery. the town is getting to build the structure Franca Diamond State Santander, a customs-free zone settled among the metropolitan space of Bucaramanga.

The 2005 census conducted by the National body Department of Statistics (DANE) presents the subsequent figures: sixteen.5% of institutions area unit engaged in industrial activities, 52.1% area unit engaged in trade activities, 29.8% area unit engaged within the services sector and one.6% area unit engaged in alternative activities. 3.7% of Bucaramanga’s households develop Associate in Nursing economic activity in their homes. institutions that have between zero and ten staff area unit the foremost common within the trade sector account for fifty four.4% of it. and business that has between ten and fifty staff account for forty-one .7% of the services sector. As for the agricultural sector of town, Dane figures showed that seventy-five .9% of rural homes area unit occupied by farmers. of those homes, 70.1% is dedicated to agriculture, 94.1% to boost eutherian, and 5.6 to fish farming. 5.6% of work. This knowledge concludes that almost all homes at the same time develop a pair of or three of those activities.

Thanks to the business development that has been usurping town, It is has positioned itself as a town of congresses and events, having infrastructure like truthful – CENTER, several fairs, and exhibitions all told branches of the national economic sectors area unit performed there annually.

The city conjointly contains a polyfunctional center for events and shows, which provides an area for playacting nice shows, puzzle games, sports, and business. variety of meeting rooms and conferences permit Bucaramanga to carry conventions for entrepreneurs around the country.

The trade fairs also as direct edges to the several sectors, have edges in alternative areas of the economy like transport, hotels, restaurants, outlets and varied services activities like advertising, style and decoration, modeling, etc.

The International Exhibition of Children’s Fashion is a best place in Bucaramanga. it’s the sole exhibition specialized in children’s articles of clothing in a geographic area. The event is organized within the CENTER advanced and four-hundredth of the sales generated a return from the exported product.

In recent years, many major searching centers and business buildings are inbuilt Bucaramanga. Associate in Nursing example is that the shopping precinct La American state, a six-story mall with 2 pedestrian bridges and one transport bridge. a more modern shopping precinct, Megamall, was inbuilt 2007, wherever the primary store of the French international retail merchant crossing opened within the town. within the following years, 3 additional searching centers were inbuilt alternative areas of the city: New World oriole, Parque Caracolí, and Diamond State la Cuesta. Another searching district referred to as “Cabecera del Llano” includes 5 major searching centers: Cabecera Etapa I, Etapa II and Etapa III, also, because of the additional recognized Cabecera Etapa IV and also the shopping precinct “La Quinta” or V Etapa. The citadel shopping precinct is found in a neighborhood referred to as Ciudadela Real Diamond State Minas, whereas the San Andresito business center and also the ancient and restored (2005) Cañaveral shopping precinct area unit settled within the southern sector of town at the side of the El New World oriole shopping precinct, opened in Nov 2012 and thought of one in every of the biggest in geographic area. In these searching centers, there area unit many pic theaters of major firms like Cine South American country, Cine Royal and Cinemark, clothes shops like Adidas, Levi’s, and national brands like Arturo Calle, restaurants and cafes as fast, El Corral, McDonald’s, Crêpes & Waffles, Juan port.

One of the biggest supermarket chains in South American country, Exito, has 5 stores throughout the town and a distribution center for Japanese South American country. crossing opened in 2007 the primary store at Megamall, merging later with an area food market named Mercadefam. The chain currently has seven stores within the town. at the side of this, there area unit native tiny chain stores in Bucaramanga like Mercomfenalco, Cootracolta, Cajasan, and others.

The Colombian individuals area units from Bucaramanga, exemple Luis Taurus mountain peak, presidential candidate dead in 1989, Taurus Ardila Lülle, one in every of the foremost vital businessmen in South American country, Claudia Florez and Ivan Garzón.

Colombian creative person laurels Rodríguez Naranjo came back from France throughout the Second warfare and settled in Bucaramanga. Rodríguez Naranjo educated at the conservatoire whereas he created a variety of paintings that might build up his name in South American country. In 1941 he became the Director of the academe Diamond State Bellas Artes in Bucaramanga.

Bucaramanga’s culture has very expressions, from the visual arts like painting, sculpture, photography, and recently conjointly in experimental demonstrations that incorporate new technology for creative communication, like video. Throughout Bucaramanga’s history, it’s hosted several cultural offerings in varied areas, inflicting arts teams to create among town.

One of the most pillars of culture in Bucaramanga is literature, as within the past there was an area social movement that created a variety of writers.

In 1995, the administration of politician Luis Fernando Peña shelter set to convert Gabriel Turbay library to carry the recently created Gabriel Turbay, WHO has overseen house management for the institute, that has meant the movement of spaces of the library to use the executive area of the Municipal Institute of Culture. The creation of the Municipal Institute of Culture was planned to expand the probabilities for sponsoring culture within the metropolitan space. however as culture has not historically vied a number one role in regime, faculties don’t receive sufficient funding and incentives to meet their functions.

The Institute provides library services, art workshops, and a range of shows and cultural work from the various neighborhoods of town. the town sponsors these cultural activities with non-public investment. Bucaramanga conjointly options a cultural station (Station Cultural Luis Taurus mountain peak Sarmiento) on one hundred.7 FM.

Typical dishes from Bucaramanga embrace Santander-mute, fricassee, preparation of internal organ and goat blood mixed with rice, roast meat, arepa Diamond State maize pelado, and tamales.

Also standard area unit candied celery, lemon, citron, rice, caramel, and pineapple. Most area units created within the Floridablanca neighboring. The Oblea, a large, communion-like wafer and bocadillo veleño (a style of fudge made of puréed fruit or ironed caramel, or dulce Diamond State leche(milk caramel) area unit samples of treats found in lots of abundance in Bucaramanga. all the same, one in every one of the exotic foods during this Colombian town is, without doubt, the “Hormiga Culona” or big-ass ants, that have created Bucaramanga renowned nationwide and internationally, eventually being exported to the capital of Japan and London. These ants have high supermolecule content, and their consumption among native individuals dates from the prehispanic era.

A variety of commercial enterprise will be performed in Bucaramanga and its neighboring municipalities, like ecological commercial enterprise through its parks, journey commercial enterprise at the Ruitoque upland, and Paragliding at the “Voladero the Águilas”, at simply a quarter-hour displace from town. The downtown space boasts colonial buildings just like the churches of San Laureano, and also the Dolores Chapel, among some wide recognized colonial homes like the house of Bolivar, and also the Louis South American nation Diamond State Lacroix’ house. alternative colonial buildings area unit settled within the neighboring municipalities of town. Bucaramanga’s commercial enterprise diversity attained it the title of being one in every of the seven national pride commercial enterprise destinations through a selection method convened by South American country is Passion and province.

Bucaramanga has a wide edifice infrastructure composed of a number of the most effective edifice chains within the country. many area unitas of the town center are vital restaurants and nightclubs.

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