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Cheap flights to Paris from Massena

Massena may be a city in St. Lawrence County, New York, us. Massena is found on the northern border of the county, simply south of the St. Lawrence watercourse and therefore the 3 Nations Crossing of the Canada–United States border. The population was twelve,883 at the 2010 census. The city of Massena contains a village additionally named Massena.

Massena was one among the primary cities settled in St. Lawrence County, however, it wasn’t incorporated till 1802. The city and its village area unit named once André Masséna, a general and Marshal to Napoleon throughout the war. The city suffered natural disasters in 1944 (earthquake) and in 1998 (ice storm). In 1928 it absolutely was the scene of the antisemitic Massena blood libel.

Up till the Eighties, the city was preponderantly agricultural, principally home to butter and cheese production. apart from the farm farmers (and the blacksmiths, craftsmen, and shopkeepers that repaired them), the city boasted the Massena Springs, a combine of sulfur springs––one hot and therefore the alternative cold––reputed to possess healing powers notable to the Native Americans before European settlement. In 1820, a military veteran, Captain John Polley––hoping to maximize these properties––opened a building and commenced to advertise them. By 1858, 3 hotels, various rental cottages, a showering house, and a plant that bottled and sold-out the spring water, had been engineered. By regarding 1900, the Springs’ standing as a preferred resort had pale.



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