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  • If you want to make the most of your limited vacation days by visiting Paris.

  • If you want to see the great monuments, but you also want to see things that everyone does not see in Paris …

  • If you want to have a plan for your trip while leaving room for flexibility …

  • If you want to leave soon in Paris, you plan to leave soon in Paris or simply you are a Parisian.

…then you’re in the right place!

In fact the problem in Paris is that for REALLY enjoy a good stay (the moment you go to book until your return) it requires a minimum of organization and method.

We all have a few of the same problems:

  • we would like to come more often but the price prevents us!

  • One wonders when to come so that it is not too expensive and not spend his day in queues.

  • we do not really know which hotel to choose and how to find a hotel with a good quality / price ratio.

  • we would like to enjoy the restaurants on site without spending more than what was planned.

I started coming to Paris in November 2010, then my second stay was in January 2011.

It was done, I had spent too much.

I was a little stuck.

I spent the next 9 months looking for great promotions, getting more attractions in less time, paying less for restaurants.

One year later, I was back in Paris! With the techniques to put in place to avoid unplanned expenses.

So I was able to go 15 times in 4 years.

All this I will share on this site that will guide you to make trips, stays without much spending.

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